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This is about: #Music #Dialog #women’s entrepreneurship #Equality #Markeries # big money #reiching #Antiprotection #Sustainability # World Change #Balance #Sharing #Inspiration #Free Economic Philosophy #Energiewende #Energy Transition #Transformation #better economy.

I am Eva-Catrin, mother of 2 and entrepreneur from Berlin. In my blog I reflect on the story of Anna B. my way as a businesswoman in Germany and my ideas for a better economy. Do not we all wonder about the current world conditions, how can we improve them? How do we solve the problems of digitization, climate change, the anarchy financial system and the global imbalance of new ways, perhaps even after a reset? I also thought about these questions. I would like to present my ideas for the solution in this blog with the aim of providing an impulse for discussion and networking „for a better economy“.

I also enjoy music. In 2014, I founded my wonderful Berlin Salon in my apartment in Berlin, a space for innovation, improvisation and inspiration with music.
And if you are interested in cooperating ideas, network wishes or questions simply contact rds@rdsenergies.com or 0177 356 29 65.


Anna had a dream. Anna is a representative of our system. Written in 2013, written to 2017
Good evening. Today is the 12/31/20. Here are your 8 PM news.
As is known, since the end of the 20th century there has been a great climate and environmental crises on earth, a financial crisis and a collective burn out of the population of the industries and a great disbalance between rich and poor. There were wars in many places around the world. At this time Anna Büchenberger dreamed a great dream.
And the more difficult the overall circumstances became, the more their dream gained relevance.
It was the dream of justice, freedom and peace for all people and the dream of the equality of man and woman.
The essence of Anna’s dream has now arisen in the last 7 years.
In 2020, Anna, together with the world’s most successful company booble, has become the largest decentralized power supply provider for renewable energies in the world. Booble has inspired a new company for digitally initiated Sustainability and global improvement, and is now even more successful.
But not only that! People use free and decentralized energy. They live self-determined. The large-scale industry has been replaced by many small and medium-sized structures, and a new quantum leap in man’s history has taken place internally. Global digitization had led to the democratization of all markets, the reduction of corruption, the depopulation and access to entrepreneurship for many people. It was a time of great change.
The age of reason had begun. And people had discovered that sharing is something beautiful.
There is only one last nuclear power station in Chernobyl, which became the monument to an old age.
An unstoppable sustainability movement has emerged. Many small companies successfully combine economics, ecology and social issues. Also, people were increasingly able to live from the activities they really love. From philosophy to art to music. Through the digitalization there were for many People had the opportunity to live out their creativity and suddenly the artistic value gained a new value. New earning potentials emerged. Humans lived from having e.g. Visiting others, and giving readings or concerts in their living rooms. The supply of food has been completely converted to own and regional supply. Sharing concepts gained in importance and led to communication and exchange among themselves. Energy consumption has been reduced and new technologies have emerged that are successful and beneficial. All share a share of their profits for the community and for social projects.

There is sufficient capital, because the maximum profit for the individual lost in importance.
After the financial system collapsed in 2017, the financial markets were blown away. Thus the pure human labor, and above all the time and thus also the human being in itself, were worth something again.
From this point onwards, people primarily served themselves and the others, and only in the third line did capital. They had understood that they were all connected. And they had understood that the boundaries of each other were merely the structures of their worlds of representation Had been. They had started looking at each other and touching their inner worlds. They had ceased to be perfect and to be constantly present. They were the way they were. As a result, a new genuineness developed in the human encounters, but above all also between men and women.

This was the basis for resolving the world problems effectively.
They cleared the oceans, they eliminated poverty and they defeated the climate crisis.
This helped to heal the collective depression and today they are now all happy in peace and prosperity.

How had it happened when everything was still very bleak in 2013? Anna was always smiled at her impossible vision.
As the jasmine grew (?) from one night to the next in brightest white, the world and mankind had simply magically transformed completely.
We are the same.
You do not exist. I do not exist. I am you and you are me. Inside is outside. Outside is inside. We are the idea of reality. Reality is the idea of us.

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